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Brigitte Tilley is a seasoned British investment professional and co-founder of GAN International. With nearly two decades of experience in PPP, FDI, and country branding, she has a wealth of knowledge in structuring complex deals and driving successful outcomes across multiple industries. Brigitte has a strong background in private banking, having started her career in Geneva Switzerland before moving on to become a leader in investment management. She has advised governments, institutions, and private clients on investment strategies, risk management, and asset allocation across a wide range of sectors, including real estate, renewable energy, and infrastructure.

Brigitte's FDI and Government investment branding clients include the USA Board of Tourism, the Republic of Georgia, and the Kingdom of Bahrain. She has led the strategic team for various Presidential campaigns across Africa and was the Africa Director for LONDON Advertising, the United Kingdom’s foremost advertising company. Brigitte's professional interests include promoting the African continent as a global investment destination, promoting stable governance, and bridging the infrastructure and development gap. as part of philanthropic initiatives , she has originated and sourced over 200 million USD in international funding for West African start-ups in tech, arts, and clean energy sectors.

Brigitte has a vast network of worldwide connections, including key decision-makers in finance, government, and business. She has leveraged these relationships to secure funding and promote investment in infrastructure projects across the globe.

 She holds BA Hons degree in Spanish and Portuguese Literature and MA in Latin American Economics and Politics from the University of Cambridge.

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